The Potency of Inherent Health

Notice how an acorn holds within it the intelligence for developing into a full grown oak tree even through great environmental adversity. In a similar way, our bodies have held since conception the intelligence for our development as healthy human beings. While challenges may arise which impact our health, the innate force of life in us, the Breath of Life, always knows how best to meet these challenges given whatever limitations may be involved.

Think of how a river, in its strong impulse to find its course following gravity, will always find a way around and through whatever rocks, logs and other obstacles appear in its path. the shape of its course may be affected, the strength of its flow may be diminished, but its inherent nature as flow is never diminished.

In BCST we feel with our hands the flow of a client's deep life impulses originating from Primary Respiration, the Breath of Life. We call this movement the Tide, which naturally has patterns of movement and stillness. Remaining respectfully present ot this most intimate revelation of a person's aliveness, we attend to a client's inherent health as it reveals intself through the Tide. Patterns of distrubance and imbalance show up, "bubbling" to the surface, and then if they are able, become reorganizzed and reintegrated as flow, resolving themselves and dissolving. Thus a gentle, powerful transformation occurs. How or why this happens remains a mystery of life.