​​​​Heart of Stillness Craniosacral Therapy

Petaluma and Sebastopol, CA

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I support families to strengthen connection and create an environment where children can develop optimally and the whole family thrives.

If your infant is in the first month or so after birth, at such an open and sensitive age, I come to your home if it’s ok with you. I prefer this to seeing your newborn put in an isolating car seat for my convenience, so I don’t have to leave my office. It’s best if both parents are present, but at least the mother should be there.

I will approach your infant slowly, first sensing if I have his or her permission to touch. He or she may be quite clear if not ready to be touched by me, a stranger. I have the alternative to work through you, the parent, while your child is in your arms. Often infants nurse while I work, though this is not necessary.

I seek to meet your infant in whatever way they are being. Always slowing down and being as spacious as I can be, I respect the rhythm of your child’s impulses for both activity and rest. Once it’s possible I will put my hands on your infant to support his or her system in the direction of balance.

At some time in the session there usually is a point of relaxation and resonance together for all of us, myself, you, and your infant. This point of harmonic resonance is very important for your infant’s healing. Significant reorganizing is taking place for him or her. As activity naturally arises again out of this period, I will join and follow this activity in the infant. Whatever activity shows up I take as part of your infant’s story they are telling at this time. It’s important we listen to this story as best we can. It may also be that we have reached the end of the session. Many times it will be your newborn who makes it clear the session is over. 

A typical session runs between sixty and ninety minutes. Many issues with newborns require only two or three sessions. As children grow older there may be a call for a longer series of sessions. It is best to plan at first on two sessions and then evaluate with me if you think this is how you’d like to continue working with whatever concern you have for your infant.

In some cases it will be important we have a follow-up phone conversation when your infant is not within earshot so we can talk about questions you have and I can share what I’m observing without talking about your child in front of him or her. This phone call is included in the cost of the session.

Working with Infants  (Birth to 1 year)