Womb Surround Workshop

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August 31 - September 3, 2018
held in Toronto, CANADA

Certified for application to the Castellino Foundation Training.
Assisted by local therapist, Wendy Shami.

Workshop limited to 5 participants. 
Begins: Friday afternoon 1:00pm, 
​​     then daily 8:45am through the evenings
Housing: Participants are responsible for own housing
Fees: $900 USD early price if paid in full by June 15, 2018 by check, 
                        or $928 USD paid by credit card by June 15,
                        $950 USD after June 15 by check  / $980 USD paid by credit card
Hold a space: send a non-refundable registration fee of $200 USD by check or

                        $207 USD by credit card
Final Balance Due: $750 USD due by August 17, 2018 / $773 USD credit card

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"During this process I was moved by Scott's profoundly faithful presence and gentle willingness to allow things to unfold moment to moment. There was always choice, safety, and compassionate support, and with those resources, I encountered aspects of my being, ways I have of experiencing myself and the world, that I did not know were there. Having those parts of myself held with such exquisite tenderness and care allowed deep healing to take place."   - LM


"My womb surround workshop was profound, and then some. I brought my worst fears to the workshop. Scott held such an incredibly safe healing space that something deep inside me started to transform. Since then I am able to be different in my daily life."   - AM

​​​​Heart of Stillness Craniosacral Therapy

Petaluma and Sebastopol, CA

"in the womb surround process I've encountered a way of working that is able to touch the deeper layers of my experience, and can supply what Sarah called the 'slow and subtle' rhythm that my system needs in order to respond.

What a gift! ."  - DG

​​​ Cancellation Policy 
There is a non-refundable registration fee of $200. If you cancel before the date the balance is due, which is two weeks before the workshop begins, your money will be returned minus this amount. If you cancel after the date the balance is due, you are responsible for full payment.


How to Apply
1. If this is your first workshop with Scott, then download this application and email or snail mail it ASAP to Scott (address in the application).

2. Make your payment as outlined below.

1. If you have taken workshops with Scott before, download this application and email or snail mail it ASAP to Scott (address in the application). 

2.  Make your payment as outlined below.

Payment online

Click here to make your payment.
(Be sure to read the Cancellation Policy below)

  • You will see four options:​​
    1. You may pay the non-refundable registration fee of $207 (incl cc fee) to save a space in the workshop until August 17 when the balance is due.
    2. ​By June 15 pay the early full amount of $928 (incl cc fee)
    3. After June 15 pay the full price of $980 (incl cc fee)
    4. By August 9 be sure to return to pay your balance of $773 (incl cc fee).​
  • If you prefer, save $ by mailing a check for $900 by June 15, 2017 to Scott (mailing address in application form)​.
    After June 15, 2018 the fee goes up to $950 USD by check.