BCST for the Prenatal Period


 If you are seeking to conceive a child, and especially if you are having difficulty doing so, consider BCST to help you create a welcoming environment for this new being.

During your BCST sessions, you will be supported to rest, slowing your nervous system down to synchronize with the deepest rhythm found in our bodies, allowing the natural pace of biology to do its work. This rhythm and the quality of stillness that it moves through are exactly what can help you shift from a busy pace of life to the state of open relaxation that can help when a child is conceived. Here’s a related article on WebMD about stress and infertility that speaks about the potential benefits of relaxation for conception. Stress and Infertility: Doctors offer insights on how daily stress can disrupt fertility -- and how relaxation can help.


A stressed environment we now know influences a child’s nervous system development powerfully even while in utero. BCST can help you settle into a quality of stillness and rest that is ideal for your child’s growth before birth.

In addition BCST can help with specific challenges you may experience while pregnant: headaches, strain in the pelvis and back, discomfort in legs and feet. It can help you feel more relaxed and embodied in the final stages of pregnancy as you prepare for labor. Sometimes some aspect of your own birth history may show up, becoming an opportunity for you to differentiate your own history from what’s happening now so you can be more present and available for your baby’s birth.

Birth is a major somatic experience, both for you and for your baby! All aspects of who you are will likely be engaged. You will benefit most when you prepare in an embodied way. BCST can support your preparation.