Who Can Benefit from BCST?

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

BCST is a safe, gently approach to healing through touch, with special attention to settling the nervous system and the treatment of the results from trauma. It directly supports the body's ability to regenerate using the developmental forces at work in us since conception.  Read more.

Working with Infants, Children and Families

My sessions with children are different from sessions with adults. Because children don’t simply lie down on a massage table easily, I find it healthier to work with children on their terms. Also, it’s often not appropriate to treat your child as a designated patient, who has a “problem”. This is why my work with children often evolved into family work. We will learn how energy moves and how support works within your family system. Children thrive best with sufficient balanced support within and around a family. I can help provide some of this support, and also can coach you to find other avenues of support.

About working with Infants (birth to 1 year).

About working with children (1 year and up).


If you are seeking to conceive a child, and especially if you are having difficulty doing so, consider BCST to help you create a welcoming environment for this new being.
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A stressed environment we now know influences a child’s nervous system development powerfully even while in utero. BCST can help you settle into a quality of stillness and rest that is ideal for your child’s growth before birth. Read more.

Womb Surround Workshops

Is there a pattern in your life you'd like to change? It no longer works for you and so far everything you've tried has not helped? It may be that you are noticing an imprint from a very early, pre-verbal time in your life.  We can support you to re-pattern these imprints through an approach called a “Womb Surround Workshop” developed by Dr. Raymond Castellino. Scott is certified by Dr. Castellino to facilitate these workshops, which are a prerequisite for applicants to the Castellino Foundation Training. Read more.