What is a Womb Surround Workshop?


Is there a pattern in your life you'd like to change?  It no longer works for you and so far everything you've tried has not helped? It may be that you are noticing an imprint from a very early, pre-verbal time in your life.

These patterns originate from the earliest years of our lives when events or other traumas naturally led us to develop imprints retaining the effects of these sensitive times in our nervous systems and other parts of our bodies. The good news? We can re-pattern these imprints through an approach called a “Womb Surround Workshop” developed by Dr. Raymond Castellino. Thanks to his pioneering work, we can bring together skills drawn from somatic practices like Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Lomi Bodywork, and Aikido with the latest research into developmental neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and attachment theory to look at the relationship between a current challenge in your life today and connected early imprints from your pre-natal or birth history. With the support of the group, the "womb surround", you will discover resolution and a sense of wholeness so that you can move forward in your life.

Workshops are held in a small group of five or six participants plus one or two facilitators. A womb surround workshop creates a safe, supportive environment in which you will be able to meet and explore early imprints, not only learning about them, but working with them from the inside out through your felt sense of them. You’ll come away with actual, direct, bodily experience of your imprint as it becomes more resolved, bringing new, embodied learning for your future.

Who these workshops are for:

This is an opportunity for parents, therapists, professionals in the birthing field, or anyone curious about their own early history and current patterns showing up in life. If you are looking deeply on your own path of growth, these workshops can provide surprising and welcome support for thriving in new ways.

What you will get from a womb surround workshop

  • Increased capacity for relating with yourself and others, including your children.

  • Greater ability to relax and meet situations that previously challenged you.

  • Access to your natural capacity for empathy.

  • Professionals will improve their ability to be present with clients.

Upcoming Workshops

October 3-6, 2019 
Scott's Home
Petaluma, California

December 5-8, 2019
co-facilitated with
Sarah Theismann

Scott's Home
Petaluma, California

Scott’s workshops follow the format of Dr. Castellino’s Womb Surround Workshops. Attending a one facilitated by Scott meet's the prerequisite for applicants to the Castellino Foundation Training.

My womb surround workshop was profound, and then some. I brought my worst fears to the workshop. Scott held such an incredibly safe healing space that something deep inside me started to transform. Since then I am able to be different in my daily life.
— AM
I got more than I expected.
— RA
In explicitly experiencing the layers of support created by the womb surround, I felt myself as a wholeness held within the wholeness of the mother and father, and then within the wholeness of the community. This experience of wholeness feels like a basic ground needed to support and integrate later difficult experiences.
— JM
I was moved by Scott’s profoundly faithful presence and gentle willingness to allow things to unfold. There was always choice, safety, and compassionate support. Being held with such exquisite tenderness and care allowed deep healing to take place.
— LM